The CorteSoft Solutions Model

The CorteSoft Solutions Model reflects our approach to managing changes within a business enterprise.

Our model provides for systematic definition of scope, context mapping, context negotiation, and alignment of subsequent business functions related to a proposed change.

When considering a change in a core work process in any given business, CorteSoft’s unique business engineering approach examines your enterprise from three dimensions: (1) business market place, (2) culture, and (3) technology.

We examine the first dimension, the business market place, in the context of business objectives, goals, partners, vendors, regulations, and legislative laws. It is necessary to examine these elements because they shape the world in which we must operate our enterprise.

We examine the second dimension, culture, in the context of the people, their beliefs, value systems, habits, and perception of the enterprise. For change to be successfully implemented, it is necessary to examine these cultural elements because they govern acceptance of change.

We examine the third dimension, technology, in the context of execution of change. We must consider if the technology we choose is appropriate for the enterprise and if it is capable of bringing about the desired change within the limitations of scope, budget, and schedule.

Additionally, CorteSoft’s unique business engineering approach examines the enterprise from the perspective of five tiers: (1) strategy, (2) program, (3) process, (4) tools, and (5) data. Each of these tiers, in context of the whole enterprise, must be assessed to address change successfully.

The first tier, strategy, provides guidance for the enterprise. Without clear strategic direction, the rest of the enterprise cannot be effective.

The second tier, program, defines the areas within the enterprise that are required to meet the strategy. Programs provide the business rules and key performance indicators for others to follow.

The third tier, process, addresses information and workflows in the context of programs. All work that is done in the enterprise is done through a process—formal or informal, manual or automated.

The fourth tier, tools, provides the infrastructure that we use to conduct a process. Our tools include such items as software, hardware, office supplies, and even people.

The fifth tier, data, is the pertinent performance and reference items related to process that the enterprise is interested in maintaining.

By closely examining the three dimensions and the five tiers of the enterprise, a customer can effectively identify risks and manage the issue of change, ensuring a balanced and well-focused solution.

CorteSoft’s Solutions Model provides a clear roadmap for negotiating and identifying needs relative to implementing change within an organization, department, or enterprise.

For more information on how the CorteSoft Solutions Model can help you manage change, contact us.

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