CorteSoft’s Ultra-Rapid Development Techniques

CorteSoft can develop solutions faster than many businesses can elaborate their problems or get a budget approved for addressing their technological issues.

Clients and partners find that they can exploit the technological capabilities available to CorteSoft; consequently, practically every technology project may be enhanced to achieve a savings of time and cost. Moreover, our clients realize a greater set of features that may have otherwise been cost prohibitive.

Accordingly, depending on the scope of the solution, CorteSoft's ultra-rapid development techniques can add value, with low risk, to its customers by providing custom software development for a fixed fee or by delivering an entire customized solution (i.e., hardware, software, and support) through a rental arrangement under various terms.

As an example of our ultra-rapid development techniques, CorteSoft participated in a 2-day joint application development session with a business process owner. During this engagement, we

  • Clearly defined the business process
  • Identified stakeholders
  • Detailed touch points with existing systems
  • Reviewed known problem areas

From this development session, we identified a detailed scope of work as to what was desired.

Next, we initiated a requirements-gathering process, where the CorteSoft business engineer reviewed the requirements, analyzed them, and abstracted the software solution to address the previously defined scope.

At the end of 2 days, after continuous refinements to requirements, we tested a functional system and found it to demonstrate the majority of business functions required.
We then identified a list of supplemental requirements in context of the prototype that would encompass the entire first phase of delivery, providing a clear definition of follow-on customization requirements.

At the next meeting, we delivered an application with full functionality, ready for the next phases of integration, testing, training, implementation planning, and deployment.

Our customer stated that we had achieved in 1 week what it would have taken 10 months and over $400K to achieve, using internal resources and the traditionally preferred IBM resources.

For more information on CorteSoft’s ultra-rapid development techniques, please contact us today.

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