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CorteSoft’s Ultra-Rapid Development Techniques
Monday, December 14, 2015 (4537 reads)

CorteSoft's ultra-rapid development techniques can lead to development of new software-based solutions in as little as 1/50th the time required by traditional approaches...

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The CorteSoft Solutions Model
Wednesday, November 18, 2015 (4653 reads)

The CorteSoft Solutions Model reflects our approach to managing changes within a business enterprise.

Our model provides for systematic definition of scope, context mapping, context negotiation, and alignment of subsequent business functions related to a proposed change...

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What Customers Expect from Software Consultants
Monday, October 05, 2015 (4642 reads)

From CorteSoft’s beginning in 1996, we listened to our customers and found several common requirements and expectations...

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With our state-of-the art technology and innovative business engineering concepts, CorteSoft

  • designs,
  • constructs,
  • deploys,
  • operates, and
  • maintains

software solutions and technical infrastructure to improve work processes for customers all over the world.

For over two decades, CorteSoft's goal has been to find the most cost effective software solution for each new business challenge. Our work, over time, has led to unique technological discoveries that, we believe, will revolutionize the way businesses will conduct future operations in a global economy.

With our revolutionary products and methodologies, we believe that software development outsourcing will no longer be required for businesses to remain profitable and viable. We can help you work smarter by using the resources you already have to increase productivity, efficiency, and quality of your products and services.

Simply speaking, our state-of-the art intellectual properties and proprietary tool sets allow our customers to leverage their existing technology and business models to maximize the greatest return on their internal architecture infrastructure investments.

What is the key? We invest in strategic planning before executing a change. Our software engineers and information technology professionals possess unparalleled analytical skills. They know and understand best practices and work processes common to successful corporations, small companies, or just the average private, retail, or commercial enterprise.

CorteSoft professionals know how to ask the right questions to get the right answers, quickly, to identify work processes that can be improved. Once CorteSoft is secure in the knowledge that the customer’s expectations and requirements are fully understood, then and only then, do we design the software solution to exact specifications.

And the best news of all is that our proprietary tool sets standardize multiple code and style that conform to the designed architecture and control set, such as C-Sharp or JAVA. Any non-CorteSoft developer can easily make modifications to the application and troubleshoot issues.

With our unique proprietary tools sets, there is no scope creep, no budget overruns, no outsourcing required, and return visits by the consultant to make expensive upgrades are a thing of the past.

For more information on how we can make your enterprise work smarter, please contact us.